Bringing the Outdoors in with Woven Baskets















Buying plants for my home has been a slight addiction of mine as of late. The more green I bring inside, the more serene and peaceful the space feels, and in turn, so do I (most days). However, each time I get more, I tend to forget how much time I'll have to spend finding just the right planter to fit the room and then repotting them all. Recently though, I picked up several woven baskets, which have been a great solution for that, since you can just plop any plant in a number of various sized baskets in the exact pot you brought it home in. No mess, no hassle, and they are far more light weight, giving you endless places to move them around. Not to mention these natural colored baskets seem to match perfectly in every room I’ve put them in. I can’t wait to get more to support my plant obsession, even at the risk of being called a “basket case”, which I am totally okay with. 



And of course, we couldn’t not pick up a few of these for the store. Portland based Connected Goods utilizes sustainably harvested salt water reed, hand woven by local artisans in Vietnam, to produce each and every one of their stunning baskets. Currently we’re carrying their Woven Collapsable Rice Belly Basket, as well as the Etta Woven Storage Basket (in multiple sizes too), so head on over to the shop or to our website to grab a basket or two, and give your plants a cozy makeover!